You will get a reliable partner in the world of translation and interpreting and save time. Languages are my passion. Martina Levey

We are a translation agency in Prague, Czech Republic and we translate from/to 50 world languages (English, Czech, German, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish and many others), legal and certified translations are the basis of our translation work.

I am an English/Czech translator in body and soul, and I have built around me a team of experienced and skilful colleagues in many language combinations.

If you need to meet a deadline and you are missing a translation of an important document, I will try to find a solution with you. I am happy to explain the process of sworn (official) translations. I have been a sworn translator of English and Czech  since 1995.

We translate contracts within 24 hours, we can prepare shorter translations including sworn (official) on the same day.

With more than 20 years in the industry we are one of the most experienced translation companies on the market.

Our tip: Recommended by the British Embassy. I am recommended as a reliable certified, court-appointed English/Czech translator by the British Embassy. It means I often translate birth certificates, wedding certificates, diplomas, employment contracts and other documents required for residency permits (due to Brexit), registrations of newly born children, passport applications and others both from English or to English. My husband is English so I have plenty of experience with British paperwork. Martina Levey

Speed, accuracy and reliability
Specialized and legal translations on the same day, contracts within 24 hours
Expert and professional approach 

Our tip: We are experts in translation of financial statements, audits and basically any accounting and financial documents to English, since our long-term English proof-reader is a practising ICAEW Chartered Accountant. If you need translation of such documents, you will be in good and safe hands with us.

How we proceed – how to order translation

The easiest way to get a price calculation for a translation is to send us the text you need to have translated by email (scanned documents in case of sworn translations). We will the term and price, and we will give you recommendations.

When will the translation be ready? Within the agreed term. We are able to make shorter translations on the same day or within a few hours, including birth certificates, diplomas, bank statements, declarations etc.

Send us an email to, call our offices in Prague 7, visit us in person. We have stunning views from our offfice and excellent coffee.

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