Sworn Translations


Sworn translations and interpreting

We are a translation agency in Prague, Czech Republic and we translate from/to 50 world languages (English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Hebrew and many others), legal and sworn translations are the basis of our translation work.

What is a sworn translation? Also called official translation, translation with a stamp, court translation. I have been a sworn translator of English and Czech since 1995 and I am happy to help.

If you need to meet a deadline and you are missing a translation of an important document, I will try to find a solution with you. I have built around me a team of experienced and skilful colleagues in many language combinations.

A sworn translation can be made only by a translator appointed by a relevant Czech court. The translation is attached to the original (or its official copy) and accompanied by a stamped declaration stating that the translation is an accurate and precise translation of the original text.

Don´t worry if you do not live in the Czech Republic, you can send us your documents by post.

Our tip: Do you know that I am recommended as a reliable court-appointed translator by the British Embassy? This means I often translate birth certificates, wedding certificates, diplomas, employment contracts and other documents required for residency permits (after Brexit), registrations of newly born children, passport applications and others both from English or to English. My husband is English so I have plenty of experience with British paperwork. Martina Levey

The most frequent sworn translations are:

  • Legal documents and deeds – contracts, judgements, arrest warrants, laws, regulations, standards, decrees and other official documents
  • Official company documents – Memorandum and Articles, certificates of good standing, extracts from the Commercial Register
  • Tax returns, financial statements, audit and annual reports, tenders, economic reports and studies
  • All types of official documents – birth certificates, marriage certificates, extracts from Commercial Registers and Criminal Records, diplomas
  • translation of wedding documents and interpreting at the Registry Office and during the ceremony

Our tip: Four-eye rule When working on translations this is a matter-of-fact rule which is included in the price for translation. Two excellent translators, two pairs of eyes, work together on one translation. The first one translates the document, the second one checks it. Accuracy is guaranteed, or actually, the translation quality doubles.

Our tip: We often translate and interpret for weddings. We will arrange a reliable interpreter for you and translate all documents necessary for a foreigner entering into marriage in the Czech Republic. We will arrange a sworn interpreter for your ceremony. I interpret wedding very often a nd I am happy to help. Martina Levey

How we proceed – how to order translation

The easiest way to get a price calculation for a translation is to send us the text you need to have translated by email (scanned documents in case of sworn translations). We will the term and price, and we will give you recommendations.

When will the translation be ready? Within the agreed term. We are able to make shorter translations on the same day or within a few hours, including birth certificates, diplomas, bank statements, declarations etc.

Send us an email to preklady@academia-levey.cz, call our offices in Prague 7, visit us in person. We have stunning views from our offfice and excellent coffee.

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