Price list for translations and interpreting 


Fast calculations are our advantage, we will usually send you a translation quote within half an hour.

In order to be able to create a price quote for translation of any language, it is best if you send us the text by email. Our translations from/to English and Czech are very fast since I am a translator and Czech and English. We will agree on the language, the purpose of the translation, the date and the price. I will choose the best translator for you, recommend any adjustments and explain the whole process, if needed.

Whatever, whenever, wherever – we will translate it.

When will the translation be finished? On the date agreed. We can do translations within a few hours, including translations of birth, wedding and other certificates, diplomas, bank certificates, official announcements, etc. 


With us, you will not find fixed prices for interpreting. Each order is specific, and its price depends on its purpose and complexity. But one thing does not change – you pay the price that we agree. Contact us by email or phone and let us know your interpretation requirements.

What benefits and discounts do you get as our loyal customer?

  • you will get Martina Levey as the coordinator of your translations
  • you get discounts that we tailor according to the number of orders
  • you will get your personal translator or interpreter, who knows your requirements, is responsible and will be happy to advise you
  • possibility to place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no extra charge
  • short express translations without surcharges, long ones with a discount
  • archiving translations for several years, perfect knowledge of your terminology

Send us an e-mail to, call or if you need officially certified translations or interpreting, come in person by appointment, we have excellent coffee and views of the whole of Prague.

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