We are a translation agency in Prague, Czech Republic and we translate and provide interpreting from/to 50 world languages (English, Czech, German, Italian, French, Russian, Polish and many others), legal and certified translations are the basis of our work. Clients value our accuracy and professional approach. 

I help you communicate. I have been a professional translator for more than twenty years, I am a certified translator and interpreter of English and Czech. I have around me a team of experienced and skilful colleagues with many language combinations.

All our interpreters are quick and experienced. We discuss each client’s requirements and then recommend a suitable interpreter.

We specialize in interpreting business meetings, interpreting in front of the authorities, courts or state bodies,  we also like interpreting weddings.

Our tip: I am recommended as a reliable court-appointed translator by the British Embassy. It means I often translate birth certificates, wedding certificates, diplomas, employment contracts and other documents required for residency permits (after Brexit), registrations of newly born children, passport applications and others both from English or to English. My husband is English so I have plenty of experience with British paperwork. Martina Levey

Types of interpreting:

consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is often used in business meetings, training or short lectures and presentations. The speaker talks in shorter sections, pausing to give the interpreter time to translate the content of the speech. In this way, the interpreter does not speak at the same time as the speaker.

simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter translates as the words are spoken by the speaker. The interpreter actually speaks at the same time as the speaker, often using interpreting technical tools. You know this type of interpreting from conferences, where interpreters sit in interpreting booths, listen to speech in headphones, and interpret into a microphone almost immediately. Simultaneous interpreting is very demanding, there are always two interpreters working in the booth, who take turns after a maximum of 30 minutes.

official court interpreting

Interpreting required by the police, courts, notaries, or registrars. This has to be carried out by a certified interpreter who is appointed by the Court of the Czech Republic.

Our tip: We are able to arrange legal or official English interpreting in front of authorities, courts or at the Police, promptly. I have been a sworn translator of English and Czech  since 1995 and I am happy to help.

We do not offer fixed prices for interpreting. Each order is unique and its price depends on how complex it is. However, there is something that does not change – you only pay what is agreed in advance. 

Our tip: We translate and interpret weddings from English/Czech on a regular basis. We will arrange a reliable translator for you who will translate all documents necessary for a foreigner entering into marriage in the Czech Republic. If I am not available, we will arrange a sworn interpreter for your ceremony.

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