The most frequently asked questions and answers we receive in our translation agency.

Answered by Martina Levey, owner and certified translator of Czech and English 

What do you get with the Academia Levey Translation Agency?

You will get a reliable partner in the world of translation and interpreting and save time. My company is one of the most experienced translation agencies in the market.

I am an English and Czech translator and interpreter for more than twenty years, and I have around me a team of experienced and skilful colleagues in many language combinations. And I can advise you and solve seemingly unsolvable tasks. 

My favourite are translations of legal and business documents which is why I have become a certified translator and interpreter of English and Czech; I often work for law companies, developers, accounting firms as well as individuals who need translations of contracts, official documents or interpreting in meetings or in front of the state bodies (registrations,  questionings). I love to venture to any areas and translate everything. 

How much will the translation cost?

The price will be based on the number of standard pages (SP = 1800 characters including spaces) of translation. This is the usual procedure in the Czech Republic. Translations to Czech are often shorter than the original text. It depends on the specific foreign language. We will be happy to prepare a quote for you.

How long will it take to have the translation done?

A standard translation from/to European languages of up to 8 standard pages (SP = 1800 characters including spaces) takes two working days. So if we receive the text for translation on Wednesday, it will be ready by Friday. We will be happy to tell you the time for making longer or fast translations on request. We can quickly provide a certified translation of English.

If you need a fast translation to meet a deadline, I will try to find a solution with you.

Is it not possible to make a translation faster? I have to meet a deadline.

Yes, it is. For European languages up to 8 standard pages (SP = 1800 characters including spaces), we are usually able to provide express delivery for a surcharge by the next working day or on the same day. Fast express translations are possible for an additional cost.

Since I am a certified English translator, I can provide certified translations from or to Czech in a flash. If you need to have a translation by a certain date, I will try to find a solution with you.

What are certified translations (also called official translation, sworn translation, court translation)?

A certified translation can only be made by a translator appointed for this purpose by a court. The translation is attached by the translator to the original (or official copy) and the translator´s  confirmation declaring that the translation corresponds exactly with the original.

certified translation is one which meets the requirements in the country in question and can be used in formal procedures – in front of the courts, in public offices, weddings, citizenship applications etc.   These requirements vary widely from country to country. 

What does a completed certified translation look like?

You will receive a certified translation in hard copy. The original document (or official copy) is bound to the translation and the and the translator´s declaration, signature and seal (official stamp of the Czech Republic) are attached. Most often, the translation is tied with a tricolour string (us official translators like to tie a bow), sealed and stamped.

You can pick up the finished translation at our office in Holešovice, Prague. We can also send and receive certified translations by post or courier service.

What are legal translations? What is the difference between legal and certified translation?

Legal translations are translations of a contract or other legal documents, but the translation does not need to be made and stamped by a certified translator. Although, of course, certified translators are experts in legal translations.

What is the difference between a certified translation and a notarial verification?

Notaries and translators are two different professions. The notary verifies the authenticity of the signature or document with their stamps and signatures, they are not translators.

A certified translation is a guarantee that the translation corresponds exactly with the original document, which is confirmed by a certified translator with their stamps and signatures.

What do we charge, the number of pages of the original or the translation?

Unless otherwise agreed, it is customary to charge for translations according to the size of the translated text. It is quite easy to price according to the length of the original in advance, but the translator must keep in mind that the length of the text differs in each language and adjust the rate accordingly (e.g. French, English or Spanish translation is always about 15% longer than the Czech original, German is about 20% longer).

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is often used in business meetings, training or short lectures and presentations. The speaker talks in shorter sections, pausing to give the interpreter time to translate the content of the speech. In this way, the interpreter does not speak at the same time as the speaker.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter translates as the words are spoken by the speaker. The interpreter actually speaks at the same time as the speaker, often using interpreting technical tools. You know this type of interpreting from conferences, where interpreters sit in interpreting booths, listen to speech in headphones, and interpret into a microphone almost immediately. Simultaneous interpreting is very demanding, there are always two interpreters working in the booth, who take turns after a maximum of 30 minutes.

What is official interpreting or sworn interpreting?

Interpreting required by, for example, the courts, police, notaries, or registries. It must be performed by a certified interpreter who has been appointed by a court of the Czech Republic.

This includes the interpretation of wedding ceremonies, where a court interpreter must be present by law, if the bride, groom or witnesses do not understand Czech.

Since I am a certified translator of English and Czech, we can quickly provide official interpreting of English/Czech, in state offices, courts or the police.

Can you provide translation into English of financial documents, audits, accounting, etc.?

We are experts in translating financial statements, audits and, in fact, all accounting and financial documents into English, because our long-time English proof-reader is a chartered accountant. If you need to translate these important documents, you will be in the best hands with us.

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