Individual lessons

Individual language lessons in Olomouc and Prague

Individual (one-to-one) lessons are the most effective and fastest way to learn, as the teacher focuses only on what you need. Each lesson is adjusted according to your requirements, pace and needs, based on pre-defined and flexible goals. For example you can choose conversational lessons, grammar lessons or preparation for exams including Czech for foreigners.

We also recommend individual lessons for children – in our school we teach students from 5 to 75 years.

Our tip: Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself, maybe when you are alone in your car – have a shower conversation. Try speaking a foreign language to yourself; you can simply name things around you.

Our students often talk about us as a family company. We pay attention to you and teach you languages so that you can use them and understand in modern language – you can order a beer as well as coping in business meetings. We cooperate with skilful teachers who will pass their enthusiasm for languages on to you.

We adapt to your knowledge, pace and time, we advise and support you
You can attend our school for one week, one month or the whole year including the summer
Possibility of studying without a textbook
Personal approach, nice environment and friendly atmosphere. We serve tea and coffee, you can make yourself at home while studying.
Workshops focused on “How to Learn Foreign Languages” by Martina Levey
Language consultancy, for when you are planning to study abroad or taking a language exam
More than 70 % of students come from personal recommendations

If you miss the interaction of classmates, we offer reasonable tandem lessons (individual lessons for two) or a mixture of courses and individual lessons

We respond fast to your requests and take a flexible approach to your requirements. We take care of our clients and regularly monitor their progress and level of satisfaction.

The prices for individual lessons depend on the particular student’s requirements and intensity of lessons.

Our tip: Get rid of old textbooks and piles of notes and copied papers. We are happy to show you new online resources and provide you with the most up to date materials. We know what is IN!

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