Language courses for children and teenagers

Individual and group lessons for children and teenagers in Olomouc

We offer individual and group language lessons for children starting with pre-school children led by qualified and carefully selected teachers who are experienced in children’s education. Our aim is to encourage a positive attitude to foreign languages and at the same time strengthen and deepen the child’s knowledge. The lessons are fun, activities are short and varied so the children enjoy them and do not lose attention.

  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Positive and friendly approach
  • Individual lessons or small groups
  • Possibility to attend a sample lesson
  • Fun, funny and playful methods
  • Variety of activities

We offer catch-up lessons and preparation for maturita exams.

During the summer holidays we organize one-week summer camps with English  for children and teenagers and we offer special individual tuition.

Our tip: Children need to be in touch with the foreign language. It does not matter if they do not understand everything as they can tackle it quite easily. Do not be afraid to play them a difficult song or show them challenging material. Do not underestimate your children’s natural gifts.

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