Company courses

Company language courses in Olomouc

What can we do to arrange tailor-made courses for you?

Based on your needs and face-to-face meetings with you and your employees we will arrange tailor-made courses for you. Would you like to broaden your general knowledge? Do you need to learn technical vocabulary? We will help you decide what is suitable for you – individual lessons, tandem or group courses, or combination of several methods.

Our tip: Martina Levey will prepare tailor-made specialized workshops for you, e.g. focused on topics such as “How to learn foreign languages” or legal or business English courses focused on networking, commercial, financial, e-mails, telephoning.

We will arrange everything necessary based on assessments or complex language audit including the ideal size of groups, and the choice of teacher for you. We will monitor and test your progress on a regular basis.

free sample lesson, free placement tests and final tests, certificate after completing the course
continuous checking and feedback
optional tailor-made lessons without textbooks
specialized workshops focused on Business or legal English with Martina Levey on topics such as networking, commerce and finance, meetings, e-mails, telephoning, Czenglish
language consultancy – if you are planning to attend a course abroad or taking a language exam

We will be happy to prepare an offer for you. Your course can start within two weeks.

Our tip: Motivation is essential when studying. Learn words and things you like in your mother tongue. Set yourself a practical goal – such as when you know you are going to an international conference. Make studying a habit, which means studying your foreign language at a particular time of the day. Turn off your phone, 20 minutes a few times per week could be enough.

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