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Language courses in Olomouc

We teach English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech for foreigners and other languages for both adults and children in courses focused on improving your communication skills. Today is the right day to start! Don’t be afraid of age limits, we teach students from 5 to 75 years.

Our students often call us a family company. We care about you, give you advice and teach you languages so that you are able to use them and understand modern language – you will be able to order a pint of beer as well as cope with a business meeting. We cooperate with skilful teachers who will pass their enthusiasm for languages on to you.

Collective motivation and communication
Affordable prices
Possibility to attend a sample lesson
Language consultancy, for when you are planning to study abroad or take a language exam
Workshops focused on “How to Learn Foreign Languages” by Martina Levey
Less flexible in terms of time, but we also offer affordable tandem lessons (individual lessons for two) or a combination of a course and individual lessons

Why Agentura Academia?

  • We fight against the stereotype, our lessons are lively, interactive and they reflect modern language
  • Courses with a maximum of 8 students, but on average we teach courses with 5 students – guarantee of quality and fast progress
  • If the course is not fully booked, you can enrol at any time during the school year
  • Make your own group together with your friends or colleagues, we will tailor the lessons to meet your requirements and we will be happy to advise you
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: if you are not satisfied, we guarantee a refund after the first lesson
  • We respond quickly to your requests and take a flexible approach to your requirements. We care about our clients and regularly monitor their progress and level of satisfaction.

Our tip: Start right now! Don’t wait until September. Individual lessons or public courses? With a textbook or without?  We will show you how to cope with foreign languages. More than 70 % of our students come from recommendations. We do not promise miracles, but we know how to make them happen!

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